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Welcome to amo_extra! Here you'll find all sorts of fun media resources for Allison Mack, provided by the fans of Allison and AllisonMackOnline.com.

One of the biggest advantages of this community is that we have a place where everyone can participate and spread the Allison-Love around like a wildfire. So, one of our biggest requests are: If you take, you must somehow give. There are many ways to take and then give, including compliments, comments, and most efficiently re-uploading the media you downloaded to provide a fresh resource.

There are several upload sites out there which allow anyone to upload files and share links with people.
Yousendit (up to 1G)
Beta.Yousendit (up to 1G and enables tracking)
Sendspace (up to 1,2G)
(up to 250MB)
Rapidshare (up to 100MB)

Items which you should find here in this community include
1) Rare footage of works of Allison that aren't available anywhere
2) Possible commercials (though none exist yet to our knowledge)
3) High Res photos
4) Fan-made music videos
5) Press Releases
6) News posts
7) Any other media which includes Allison

This community is moderated very heavily, to ensure that no bad stuff gets uploaded and posted. Each post will need to be approved before it goes live, so it could take up to 24 hours for your post to be approved (though usually it will be approved within 3-4 or sooner). Almost all posts will be available to the public, but some will note be so it will be beneficial for you to join the community instead of just watching it.

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This community is maintained by the staff of AMO, who can be contacted by leaving a comment here or by emailing amo_extra@livejournal.com.