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Allison Mack and Chloe Sullivan video

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Allison Mack and Chloe Sullivan video

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Hi :) well, some months ago I made a tribute one to Allison Mack, with the song She by Elvis Costello, YouTube erased it  but now... it rebirth like a Phoenix from the ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok... I mean I changed the song and made some changes and I hope you are going to love it like this ;).

The song is She by Il Divo, they are soooooo cute!! And I love their voices so here :).

I hope you are all going to enjoy it.

You can watch it in YouTube Or in my Yahoo Profile, here http://video.yahoo.com/watch/6603541/17144887

Tons of hugs and I hope you are going to enjoy it :), Monica
  • hey Monica

    Really awesome vid! It was cool to see a tribute to Allison Mack. I thought the way you used the rare video footage of Allison and the different pictures was very clever and effective. I also really liked the transition effects you used. Amazing job putting the whole thing together :)

    • Oh my Keith, I'm so sorry!!! I didn't saw your answer until just a moment ago!!! I'm so embarrassed!! You took the time to answer and I didn't noticed!! So sorry!!!!

      As always thanks for your kind words, I loved to be able to add footage of Allison, she rocks and I wanted to really show that playful side and also how great she is :).

      Thanks for always being there :) hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      • Its ok Monica *hugs* Any time is fine with me :).

        You're welcome :) thanks for making such a great vid for me to watch. Yep Allison is the best and it was cool how your video showed that.

        :) Hugs!!!!!

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